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A Las Vegas Landmark

Cheetahs is best known for being the strip club where the cult movie Showgirls was filmed, including the famous scene where Elizabeth Berkley licked the stripper pole.  There’s a good reason the movie was filmed here.  Showgirls was released in 1995 and the early 1990s were Cheetahs’ glory days, when it was mob-owned, full of beautiful topless dames, and the best strip club in Vegas.

Azalea first revealed plans for "an epic music video" for "Change Your Life" in May 2013. It was filmed in Las Vegas over a two-day period beginning on 1 July 2013. Azalea was inspired by several films that were shot in Las Vegas which gave her the idea of having "a big show" for the "Change Your Life" music video; she felt it complemented the song's big, stadium-like feel. Las Vegas as a child and became fond of showgirls, and wanted the music video's storyline to revolve around a similar scenario. However, she felt the 1950s film and cabaret inspirations used to generally portray showgirls were "corny" and "overdone", and instead decided to obtain the music video's primary inspiration from the more "cool ' 1995 film Showgirls.

The video's scenes were shot at Cheetah's where Showgirls was filmed.   Azalea also felt that Nomi's back-and-forth storyline in the film complemented the back-and-forth lyrical story of "Change Your Life" plays Nomi's boss and love interest